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These are general guidelines. We will discuss aftercare with you following your tattoo. The advice you are given may differ from the guidelines below and is advice made on your type of skin and what tattoo you have with us.

Keep the cling film on the tattoo for the first 3 hours, and then remove it.

1.Wash your hands well.
2. Wash the tattoo with a simple ph neutral and antibacterial soap with cool to warm water. Form the soap foam in your hands and apply on the tattoo with a gentle massage, rinse well then pat dry with a clean paper towel. Do not rub the area.
3. Let it dry (maximum 10 minutes) then apply the aftercare cream provided. Make sure the ointment covers your tattoo with a light film.
4. If advised, redress the tattoo with cling film and leave this on overnight.
5. In the morning, remove the cling film if used overnight and wash with cool to warm water as before (or in the shower). Pat dry with clean paper towel.
 6. Moisturise the area with aftercare cream provided. Repeat this at least 4 times a day or whenever the tattoo becomes dry. Do not let it dry until is completely healed.Continue this for 7 days and then use a regular moisturizer for the next 2 weeks.


Do not pick at the tattoo. You will pull the colour from the design and leave scars.
If you follow this advice your tattoo will heal faster and the colour will be brighter and stronger.

We recommend that you avoid swimming, exposure to the sun and sun beds for at least 4 weeks.

Once you leave the studio, it is up to you to look after your new tattoo. Common sense should prevail however if you have any problems you can always contact us.


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