1. Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning or handling any piercing, especially if your piercing is new.
2. The best cleaning solution is saline solution. Saline can be purchased from any Chemist or made at home.
3. If you choose to make saline, you will need to boil some water in a clean pot or pan. Pour the freshly boiled water into a container with a lid and add less than ΒΌ teaspoon of pure Sea Salt.
4. Use cotton buds to apply the solution to the area of your piercing and to wipe away any excess fluid or crust that has formed. Try to make sure your piercing stays dry.
5. Clean your piercing regularly, at least twice a day, sometimes more if it is hot and you are sweating throughout the day.
Be attentive to changes in your piercing. Catching signs of problems early is the best time to deal with them. Do not over clean your piercing.
Common sense should prevail however if you have any problems you can always contact us.